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Enjoy the Tranquil Comforts of Enchanted April
Bed and Breakfast In Placerville

“Not Just a destination but a state of mind”

The Estate Experience
Reminiscent of the majestic Kentucky horse farms and the glory days of a bye-gone era... history and hospitality await you at Enchanted April Inn where guests are offered a truly unique experience. Many consider this estate to be the jewel of the Coloma Valley. In the distance blue blooded steeds spend their days luxuriating on the gently rolling foothill pastures, serenaded by meadow larks and red tail hawks. In spring the hills are edged with fresh greenery and in fall the glory of the red oaks, maples & liquidambar weaves a spell on the surrounding countryside. We believe you will agree that the Inn and its surrounding lands provide a magnificent backdrop for your Gold Rush Country adventure.

The Grounds & Gardens
Stroll through our gardens, catching the heady scent of roses and lavender on the wind. Lounge on the pond-side deck or under the spacious patio pergola. Spend an evening on the porch swing or sitting on our old-fashioned rocking chairs watching the glowing sunset. No matter what spot you choose for relaxation, you will enjoy the beauty of this gorgeous country estate.

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Autumn at Enchanted April Inn

An Enchanted Evening

Enchanted April Inn

Outdoor Movie Nights
On warm summer evenings guests can enjoy an outdoor movie on the patio. We have a great selection of classic films to choose from, or guests can bring their own movie. Movies begin at 7:30 pm. Free popcorn is served.

Coloma Valley Retreats
At Enchanted April Inn you can spend a quiet days exploring your inner life and venturing into your wild interior landscape amidst the scenic beauty of our foothills. If you are you searching for healing and transformation and you need a “spiritual spa” we have much to offer you. Please see our current offerings at: http://enchantedaprilinn.blogspot.com/p/like-water-for-soulretreats-at-inn.html

Your Hostess – Elke von Schlosser

Enchanted April Inn is a lifelong dream born out of a desire to welcome and entertain visitors. Since childhood, Baroness Elke von Schlosser, the owner and proprietress of Enchanted April Inn, had a dream of living in a farmhouse, and often sketched pictures of what her ideal farmhouse would look like.Then one night, while looking on the Internet, she found it. "I instantly knew", she recalls. "There's my house". "But where", she asked herself, "is Pilot Hill?” "When I drove up to the entrance, I saw that it was even more beautiful than I thought it would be." Since that time she has turned her dream into a reality by providing travelers with a place to rest from the stresses of daily life, and to enjoy the beauty of the historic gold rush country in elegant luxury.

A Baroness whose family originated in Transylvania, Elke was born here and grew up in California. She has always loved the Gold Country and thinks it's the most beautiful part of the state. "Looking for gold, it's the American dream", says the Baroness, whose parents sought their fortune here after emigrating from Europe after WWII. "There is something about the ruggedness here that I can relate to, something about the energy and the echoes of what occurred here. The hopes and dreams still resonate in the foothills today...some got rich, some lost everything."

Elke named the Inn Enchanted April after the well-loved book & movie, because she says "It's a magical healing place for restorative peace. People can sense there's something here out of the ordinary. The energy is very restful." When asked why she opens up her home to strangers she replies; “It’s just too beautiful not to share with others.”



Policies at Enchanted April Inn

3:00 pm to 9:00 pm. If you arrive before 3:00 pm we may not be on site. Guests arriving after 9pm will have instructions for self-check-in left at the front door.

11:00 am.

Due to the nature of our Inn as an adult retreat, parents with children under 12 are usually referred to other Inns in the area that are better suited for small children.

Permitted outdoors in designated areas only.

4 rooms each accommodate a maximum of 2 persons. All rooms are on the second floor. We are sorry but we don't have facilities for babies and toddlers. Fire codes allow a maximum of 2 persons per room.

Handicapped Access
Our Inn is not suitable for handicapped persons since all guest rooms are on the 2nd floor.

Inn Access
Guests are free to come and go as they please once they have checked in, keeping in mind that early or late activities should be quiet enough not to disturb other guests.

We are a small inn and your cancellation hurts our business! In the unfortunate circumstance that you have to cancel your planned stay with us, please let us know as soon as possible
We are a small inn with limited rooms and if you cancel and we cannot re-book your room it means lost revenue for us. In the unfortunate circumstance that you have to cancel your stay with us a 14-day notice is required.
If we cannot re-book the room(s) you will be responsible for payment in full.

Hospitality Awaits You At Enchanted April Bed and Breakfast
Near Coloma California

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Complimentary Items We offer:

Free wireless Internet

Ample parking

Complimentary toiletries

Cable TV-DVD

Selection of movies in our gathering room

Outdoor barbeque kitchen

10 acres with beautiful gardens/ sitting areas

Reflecting pond

Couples sauna

Freshly brewed coffee, tea, bottled spring water & other beverages available 24/7

Access to our conference room with:

Full sized refrigerator/freezer

Local maps

Picnic supplies and more...

No Hidden Fees at Enchanted April Inn
We care about your lodging experience and unlike most hotels WE NEVER NEVER CHARGE ANY HIDDEN FEES for snacks & beverages, energy surcharge fee's, grounds keeping fee's, internet fee's, luggage handling or holding fee's, parking fees, resort fee's, telephone fee's, extra towels fee's (etc. etc.)


Hear What Others Have to Say About Enchanted April Inn

Excerpts from the newspaper Mtn. Democrat article: “Bed and breakfast is an enchanting oasis”
Gracing a hillside with a grand view on Salmon Falls Road halfway between El Dorado Hills and Pilot Hill, Enchanted April Inn feels miles and hours away from the pace of daily life. And that is intentional. A place to relax.
Unlike many B&BS that are refurbished older homes or hotels, Enchanted April Inn is relatively new. The entry room contains all the information about what to do and where to eat in the area. From the entry, one enters the dining room to the right and a lovely small parlor to the left. The focal point of the dining room is a circular three-tiered ceiling inset. The heart of Enchanted April Inn is the gathering room, next to the parlor. With a fireplace, comfortable furniture, cable television and paintings by Elke of her horses and dog, a Boston terrier named Rowdy, it is the perfect place to relax and visit.
The second floor contains four guest rooms, two with private bathrooms, and Elke’s personal apartment.
An attached meeting room is fitting for small conferences, seminars, workshops, arts and crafts, get-togethers and retreats. A beautiful outdoor area with a reflecting pool and gardens is the preferred place for enjoying breakfast in nice weather, which is most of the time. With an outdoor kitchen, guests can make their own dinners after visiting local markets and wineries.
There was no landscaping when Elke bought the property, so she took advantage of her family business background to add to the beauty of the setting. Besides a sloped garden in front planted with flowers, she has extensive lavender plantings, an olive garden and a vineyard with several varieties of red grapes.
Enchanted April Inn has wireless Internet and cell phone reception.
From Enchanted April Inn, guests can enjoy hundreds of miles of equestrian, bicycle and hiking trails, premium wineries, Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park, whitewater rafting, Red Hawk Casino and shopping in El Dorado County. Come experience the magic of Enchanted April Inn, invites Elke.
Roberta Long, Mtn. Democrat correspondent

Here is what travel writer Lenore Greiner says:

Enchanted April Inn is now officially a part of the new El Dorado County Quilt Trail.
You can see our barn quilt mounted on the east side of our barn.
The design is called “Gold & Silver” honoring the bygone days of the great California Gold Rush.

They say… if you listen carefully…very carefully….on a still & shimmering moonlit night…and you sit by the crumbled banks of acorn creek…and you listen past the unremitting croaking of the smooth bellied frogs…and you listen beyond the moaning of the cork-screw willows…and you listen over the howl of the bobcat and the lonely cry of the coyote and you listen with your ear close to the ground…you will hear…off in the distance…the ancient sounds of the Maidu Indian women gently singing to their children …and the sharp clang of Chinese laborers with pick axes stacking rock walls. You will hear the bright shiny hooves of countless teams of horses as they pull with lathered harness up the steep ravine along the old supply route that once brought leather and sugar and tobacco to the men and women so desperate to make good in a country that left no room for mistakes. A country that was as ruthless and unforgiving in its capacity for death as it was in its promise of riches for anyone brave enough to seek their fortune or work a claim.

If you listen carefully you will hear the raucous laughter of men in the arms of working women who plied their trade amongst the stones of what once was a boarding house. You will hear the crackle and burn of the fires that warmed them, and then turned on them in the night and took the roof and the walls and left them running for their lives.

You will hear the tear filled cries of the miner whose hoard was stolen by the infamous bandit Joaquin Murrieta and the swift sharp shot of a pistol as its bullet makes its mark and the last gasp of breath of the poor soul as he dangles under the swaying limb of the hangman’s tree. You will hear the steady beat of the pick axe, and the hammer and the clang of the shovel as it pierces the rich dark earth searching madly for that glint of treasure that would erase all the hardship and all the sacrifice and all the tears that were so easily forgotten once the madness of gold fever had finally subsided.

Today… the area boasts an elegant country Inn where guests can spend reflective hours relaxing on the patios amid the songbirds, or strolling through the expansive gardens enjoying romantic sophistication and panoramic views from the elegant and well-appointed rooms. The estate boasts a vineyard and an olive grove along with Provençal lavender plants. As Gold Rush memories linger, birds serenade overhead, horses peacefully graze in the distance and dragonflies and wood ducks make their home at the spring-fed pond. Enchanted April Inn located between Auburn, Coloma & Placerville is a sanctuary of peace and tranquility. The gardens and grounds are a quiet place where quests may relax and enjoy the serenity of the foothills. We invite you to experience the magic of Enchanted April Inn Pilot Hill, California, where.... if you listen very carefully ...you too may hear the distant voices that are said to linger from times long gone.

5950 Salmon Falls Rd Pilot Hill, CA 95664           916-939-9144

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